Monday, April 4, 2011

Josh Goes Sewer Diving

These awesome photo ops are just one of the many reasons why I keep Josh around. =)  While we are looking for a cache Josh's house key fell out of his coat pocket and landed in the sewer.  Does Josh walk away knowing it'll cost him a dollar to replace it? Nope.  Does Josh say screw it because we have a keypad deadbolt on the door anyway? Nope.  Josh goes head first in the sewer to save his key from the complete nastiness at the bottom.  Well hell, if he's gonna do it, I'm taking a picture of it.  LOL - thanks for the laugh guys, that's good stuff right there!

Doggie Montage



Awww, Biscuit is finally allowed to sleep with her.  Caper officially has a "bestie." He has won over both Caper and Josh, success at last!

Biscuit Butt


You've heard of a muffin top? Well this is a biscuit butt.

Emersyn bought this super cute sweater, that he looks super cute in.