Monday, February 21, 2011



We almost always see something picture worthy on even the shortest caching trip. 

A cash reward is always appreciated. =)

Race Day

Today was race day!  That means something different to race fans, to me it's a fun get together with some funny people.  Of course, we had another excellent dinner at the Burry's.  I'm going to get them an Applebees sign for the front of their house.

Zhoie was excited to see sweet Willow.    

This is for Billie and Drew, are these the cutest little gnomes you've ever seen?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Three Little Piggies Go To Market

Apparently the entire family wants to be made fun of in public?

Strange Messages

Our whiteboard often has strange messages.  Part of Lauryn's original message was erased, something about the Pizza Cottage? LOL  And apparently someone needs to take 5 pans and 6 water bottles to school?  I dunno, but it makes me laugh.

Road To Recovery

These are our friends Amanda and Chris. I blogged earlier about Chris' current health scare.  I am happy to post that he is on the road to recovery.  He's talking and walking (with assistance) and should be busting out of ICU any day and head to a rehab facility. The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight! Can't wait to get Chris back around the camp fire!

Sleepy Time

Our house is in "new baby" mode.  Our lives are revolving around this new puppy.  We finally had success this morning. Two dogs did #1 and #2 OUTSIDE the house and ON COMMAND. WooHoo!!!  This picture was taken after a very long playtime with the Cape.

Play Time

For years I've believed that Caper needed a playmate.  Come to find out, she LOVES having a friend.  They have us rolling in laughter most days.  This may look mean, but they really are having fun!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Loving You, Love, Me

Cuddle Time

Everything Zhoie loves all in one chair: Caper, Biscuit, Laptop, Television.

Limp Biscuit

Today is Biscuit's one week anniversary with our family.  He seems to like us!  He and Caper are getting along great, much better than I could have hoped. She even let him eat from her bowl finally today. =)  Having this puppy is much like have a baby, he's very cuddly and likes to be held like an infant.  Fortunately for me I can lock him  in a cage while I go to work, which I could not do if he were a real baby. LOL We're stilling working on the potty training, I'm not sure what we're doing wrong.  Caper just kind of did it after we told her to the first time.   I think he's so cute that we are not stern enough, but that stopped today, mean Mommy had a little chat with Biscuit.  He's just a baby, he'll catch on,  in the mean time, he's lucky he's cute!

Friendly Star

I've tried several times to get a picture I like of this star.  Now that it's staying light longer, I have better light outside. I think that's what wasn't clicking with my previous attempts.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We Go Geo In The Snow

Last Saturday the plan was for a group of us to attack the 270 Series Caches.  It was the first time I've ever just gotten on 270 to drive around in a circle for several hours.  The series has 20 caches, each holding a clue to the final and 21st cache.  The weather that day didn't look too promising. Josh was quite a negative Nelly for most of the morning before we left the house. Oh well, there were people waiting on us, it was out into the snow we went.  (after being called a few choice words by the people waiting on us) Actually you couldn't just call it snow, there was hail, sleet, freezing rain, rain, snow and ice chucks falling from the sky.  We finally made it to Hilliard and split up into two cars.  Thankfully we had one with AWD and one with 4WD.  

This is a travel bug we picked up on our circular journey.  It's the biggest one I've ever seen.  Everyone that finds this bug is supposed to add a key chain and move it to the next cache.  It even came with it's out lock-n-lock carrying case.

This place was too picture perfect, those of you who know us will understand.
We forgot to keep track of our time, but I think we managed to do the series in about 4 hours.  Having so many navigators and seekers and secretaries helps the group move along quickly.  Now came the hard part, we had to use all of our clues to figure out the puzzle to get the final coordinates.  After a few 60 mile misses and a few guesses, we figured out we thought were the correct numbers.  After we verified those with a previous finder, we were back out in the cold for the final.
And here is part of the group signing the final log book.  After that it was off to meet Harsan for some grub at the Starliner Diner where this picky eater had a really great Cuban quesadilla and fries. LOL

Londyn Ella

This little girl and her family have been a big part of our busy week.  This is Londyn Ella, new daughter of my friend Melody, sister of Emersyn.  She's a really happy baby, and so cuddly!  She's really alert for a three week old and is already trying to hold her head up. They are the ones who gave Biscuit to us.  While I do feel like the villain who stole little Emersyn's puppy, I think she's pretty happy that she can visit him whenever she wants and I know that Mommy is happy to get the puppy out from under foot.  =)


Well we've had quite a week!  We've been really busy and have not had much  luck in the photo department. Using two different computers and two different cameras, none of it works!  It's really time to replace some of electronic gadgets.  But alas, I got one of each to work so here I am.  

Meet Biscuit, the new addition to our home.   He is 12 weeks old.  He is a Shih Tzu and something mix. He and Caper are hitting it off pretty well. I figure if she hasn't eaten him yet, he's golden. =)  I find it a little strange that the puppy still isn't as hyper as the 7 year old JRT.  He's playful and cuddly and soft and just too cute.  Zhoie is in love!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Circles

Oddly enough, these circles make me happy.  It's sort of ugly and in the way, but by God, no one else has an insulator wind chime!  I do love quirky!
These circles make me happy every time I look at them on Zhoie's bedroom wall. First, they are happy colors that inspire a smile. Second, we made great memories on this project. Third, I can't look at them without thinking my hubby is a genius.  Fourth, they make Zhoie happy, therefore they make me happy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hope & Healing

Today I am inspired by our friend Chris and his wife Amanda.  Last week Chris was hospitalized with an unknown illness that has taken away his ability to control or use his muscles.  After five days he is still undiagnosed and remains in ICU.  We are all confident that the doctors will figure it out and Chris will make a full recovery. They are going through so much and they have a long road ahead.  But they are strong and have a huge support system full of people who love them!  Here's to hope and healing for Chris!