Monday, February 14, 2011

Limp Biscuit

Today is Biscuit's one week anniversary with our family.  He seems to like us!  He and Caper are getting along great, much better than I could have hoped. She even let him eat from her bowl finally today. =)  Having this puppy is much like have a baby, he's very cuddly and likes to be held like an infant.  Fortunately for me I can lock him  in a cage while I go to work, which I could not do if he were a real baby. LOL We're stilling working on the potty training, I'm not sure what we're doing wrong.  Caper just kind of did it after we told her to the first time.   I think he's so cute that we are not stern enough, but that stopped today, mean Mommy had a little chat with Biscuit.  He's just a baby, he'll catch on,  in the mean time, he's lucky he's cute!

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  1. Just like the kids. I always say, "It's a good thing they are so cute!"