Thursday, February 10, 2011

We Go Geo In The Snow

Last Saturday the plan was for a group of us to attack the 270 Series Caches.  It was the first time I've ever just gotten on 270 to drive around in a circle for several hours.  The series has 20 caches, each holding a clue to the final and 21st cache.  The weather that day didn't look too promising. Josh was quite a negative Nelly for most of the morning before we left the house. Oh well, there were people waiting on us, it was out into the snow we went.  (after being called a few choice words by the people waiting on us) Actually you couldn't just call it snow, there was hail, sleet, freezing rain, rain, snow and ice chucks falling from the sky.  We finally made it to Hilliard and split up into two cars.  Thankfully we had one with AWD and one with 4WD.  

This is a travel bug we picked up on our circular journey.  It's the biggest one I've ever seen.  Everyone that finds this bug is supposed to add a key chain and move it to the next cache.  It even came with it's out lock-n-lock carrying case.

This place was too picture perfect, those of you who know us will understand.
We forgot to keep track of our time, but I think we managed to do the series in about 4 hours.  Having so many navigators and seekers and secretaries helps the group move along quickly.  Now came the hard part, we had to use all of our clues to figure out the puzzle to get the final coordinates.  After a few 60 mile misses and a few guesses, we figured out we thought were the correct numbers.  After we verified those with a previous finder, we were back out in the cold for the final.
And here is part of the group signing the final log book.  After that it was off to meet Harsan for some grub at the Starliner Diner where this picky eater had a really great Cuban quesadilla and fries. LOL

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