Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well we've had quite a week!  We've been really busy and have not had much  luck in the photo department. Using two different computers and two different cameras, none of it works!  It's really time to replace some of electronic gadgets.  But alas, I got one of each to work so here I am.  

Meet Biscuit, the new addition to our home.   He is 12 weeks old.  He is a Shih Tzu and something mix. He and Caper are hitting it off pretty well. I figure if she hasn't eaten him yet, he's golden. =)  I find it a little strange that the puppy still isn't as hyper as the 7 year old JRT.  He's playful and cuddly and soft and just too cute.  Zhoie is in love!


  1. He is adorable. I cannot wait to meet him.

  2. He's even cuter in person, photos don't do his cute little butt justice. =)

  3. There's that monkey mug you were talking about! So cute and a funny little guy. Marley was very tired after meeting him! Bisquit is a busy little guy!