Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Apologies Of A Bad Biscuit


From my previous post you know that Bad Biscuit has been eating things.  So far he has eaten: one nerf dart, three pairs of undies, two of Josh's shoe strings (unfortunately on different pairs), Caper's leash, two collars, one pair of my shoes, Zhoie's most favorite rug, about three pounds of toilet paper and two of his blankets.  Biscuit felt really bad about chewing up Josh's shoes.............

Bad Biscuit!


Mr. Biscuit is still having problems with his house training and the energetic little thing has taken to chewing on our belongings. This stuffing is actually out of one of their toys. I have received several ranting phone calls informing me of the puppies misdeeds and all I have to say is.............woook at dat faaaace!!!!!!!!!

Just Smurfy

Sweet Zhoie painted a Smurf slate for me.  She knows I love the Smurfs. =)
This was don at the Arts Festival in 2009, one of the rare moments that the four of us actually did something together.  I love the $s on Zho's braces.  

Old Photo Album


An Angel Gets Her Wings


Strange Things: Gargoyle


This strange little guy is actually a cache container.  He lost a wing and came home for repairs.  He's living on top of the frig at the moment.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Strange Things: The Singing Beaver

If the video skips, click on pause and let it load all the way before playing.

Introducing.............The Singing Beaver

The poor thing is dry rotted and falling to pieces, but we can't part with the little guy. He makes me laugh every time he sings.  Soon he'll be the Signing Beaver Skeleton.

Hippy Chic


Since Zhoie does not like product in her hair, we have to resort to the old fashion method of getting it wavy. 

Pretty Colors


After much failure, this is the best picture I captured.  Just the like star, I will get this to work the way I want...eventually

Strange Things: How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck?

Hey you dang woodchucks, STOP CHUCKING MY WOOD! 

p.s. I know it isn't really a woodchuck Josh & Dala. But the dancing groundhog is also the dancing beaver and that's just how it works.

Strange Things: Free Car


I'm wondering if this woman really got money out of the City of New Lexington to buy a car or if her ex husband's initials are N.L.?

Strange Things: Golden Ammo Can


This is one of my favorite strange things and one of the few that actually belong to me too. (hint hint Josh, you're a weirdo).  This is a Golden Ammo Can.  It was present to us when we reached our 1000th cache find in April of 2011.  Our dear friends Michael and Maggi present this to us and I'll tell you it was strange how special it felt.  I can remember thinking that Josh and I hadn't hadn't felt that "special" since our wedding day.  We were surrounded by about 40 of our favorite people, they made a lovely speech and brought tears to my eyes.  The ammo can was filled with goodies from all of our geo-friends.  It was touching to see how well they really knew us through the gag gifts we were presented. Some handy, some hilarious, some down right scandalous. ;)   All are held dear to our hearts.  The really great part was finding out that as receivers of the golden ammo can, we were next in line to present to the next of our friends to reach 1000.  You have no idea how much fun it is making an ammo can look that cute!  We presented cans to Scott&Brenda and Jon&Kathy later that summer at the GeoBash, that's a whole different blog.  =)

Strange Things: Big Green (elg)


I live in this house every day and sometimes I am amazed by the strange stuff we own.  I've decided to start a mini-photo-series of strange things you might see if you come visit.  This little guy was first on my list.  What do you think it is?  I got a funny phone call from Josh asking if I had been taking pictures, otherwise he needed an explanation as to why this was sitting on the night stand. Bwahahaha!

Stairway of Death


I take these stairs at least twice a day during the week.  I am always very careful because they never get sunlight and the ice stays for a long time. What I have always dreaded finally happened, I wasn't being careful.  I wiped out in such a way that I wish there was a youtube video, it had to have been hilarious.  My feet went out from under me, I flew straight up and straight down with a thwack.  The corner of one step hit across my shoulders, the corner of another across my lower back, another across my legs.  I stoved (sp?) both wrists and generally pissed myself off.  After I had a few choice words I began to wonder how long it would be before anyone found me, it was cold out there! One extremity at a time I tested for breakage.  Thankfully nothing was broken!  Soaking wet from the back of my head to my shoes I limped my way to the van.  But wait it's on empty - now I get to go into the gas station looking like this because their pumps won't ever take my card.  Who HAS this kind of luck?  The soreness lasted for two days and a little tiny cut on my hand still hurts. Other than that, nothing damaged except my ego.