Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Strange Things: Golden Ammo Can


This is one of my favorite strange things and one of the few that actually belong to me too. (hint hint Josh, you're a weirdo).  This is a Golden Ammo Can.  It was present to us when we reached our 1000th cache find in April of 2011.  Our dear friends Michael and Maggi present this to us and I'll tell you it was strange how special it felt.  I can remember thinking that Josh and I hadn't hadn't felt that "special" since our wedding day.  We were surrounded by about 40 of our favorite people, they made a lovely speech and brought tears to my eyes.  The ammo can was filled with goodies from all of our geo-friends.  It was touching to see how well they really knew us through the gag gifts we were presented. Some handy, some hilarious, some down right scandalous. ;)   All are held dear to our hearts.  The really great part was finding out that as receivers of the golden ammo can, we were next in line to present to the next of our friends to reach 1000.  You have no idea how much fun it is making an ammo can look that cute!  We presented cans to Scott&Brenda and Jon&Kathy later that summer at the GeoBash, that's a whole different blog.  =)

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