Monday, January 3, 2011

1-3-11 When I woke up this Monday morning I was feeling pretty rough for my first day back to work. When I looked in the mirror I saw the worst bed head ever and started giggling. I ran and got the camera and thought I would take the worst picture ever and use it for today's photo. This evening I went back and looked at that picture, it's too hideous to share. Sorry, but it's really really really bad. On to the real picture. I've been fighting off a cold for almost two weeks. I made it through Christmas and New Year's, then this afternoon it hit. I don't go more than about 45 seconds between coughing fits. I'm about to take my trusty Mucinex and crash out. Why is it in the tree? It makes for a pretty background. =)

I shared the 365 Project with Zhoie today. She wants to start her own, keep an eye on her page for her 365 Project folder.

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