Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Through Geocaching we have met a lot of great people (and some not so great), two of our favorites are Jon and Kathy.  They are two of the coolest, kindest, most generous people we know.  This is a gift they gave to Zhoie this Christmas and it's has a great story that will give you goosebumps.

Before the holidays a co-worker of Kathy's was making a trip to a third world country.  (the exact country has escaped me at this moment).  Her friend was part of an organization raising money to help needy children in the country.  For each dollar he earned there were several corporations that matched it.  He asked around the office and most people gave $5-$10 for him to take with him.  Upon his return, he presented Kathy with this gift.  The child that he had sponsored was a gifted artist without the opportunity for education or lessons.  The money the man collected, along with matches, gave this girl enough money for tuition to a fancy art school where she is, at this moment,  pursuing her dreams.  In gratitude she carved and hand painted this trinket box.  The detail is amazing, it's so tiny I can believe it's hand painted.  She is truly gifted and we were so happy to hear her story.  We will treasure this treasure box always and think fondly of that little girl.  Thanks Jon and Kathy for helping to bring a little bit of sunshine to her life as well as ours.


  1. i have wanted to see this. Thanks for posting it! It's beautiful, especially knowing the story behind it.