Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spreadin' The Love

Earlier today I posted on Facebook that I wanted to send positive energy to everyone I love.  It seemed to be a hard day for a lot of people.  Thankfully TODAY I didn't have anything too terribly upsetting, and I wanted to share the good mood with my picture of the day. I started out with a completely different thought, that evolved into Zhoie and I taking pictures of ourselves in funky socks and that evolved into what you see.  Zhoie and I had a lot of fun taking the pictures of our feet.  We were laughing hysterically and at one point I thought she might pee on me. LOL Those pictures didn't turn out very well, but that's not the point!  Thanks to the 365 Project Z and I just spent some great time together. =)

p.s. Everyone send good vibes to Melody who is having a baby girl tomorrow. Love you Mel!


  1. That is so awesome Jen! I really, really hope that we all can stick with this project throughout the year and continue to make memories like that.

  2. Me too Billie. Jenny is doing a great job and I think she is enjoying it! Peace and love to you too Jenny and Zhoie! Love yas!

  3. Good luck Melody!
    Thanks Jen - you made me smile multiple times today ;) keep up the project!

  4. You are so creative! Love the socks! :)