Saturday, January 15, 2011

How Do You Spend Your Days?


People often ask us why we find geocaching fun.  That's a hard question to answer because the entire experience is what makes it fun.  We have been and seen and done so many things that most people will never experience.  We've climbed killer-call 911 mountains and slid back down in rain storm.  We've stood on top of the world and seen views that the everyday traveler will never see.  We've discovered natural wonders in our own back yard.  We've been questioned by the cops more than anyone we know. =)  We have paddled and stomped through creeks to find a cache.  We've crawled and climbed and shimmied our way to a find.  We've tromped through the woods in the middle of the night following fire tacks with our geeky headlamps.  How many of you can say you've done that??? We've challenged our minds and our bodies to get a smiley.  Josh has seen wildlife. Wildlife has seen my back side running away. =) We've conquered mental and physical fears to get to a cache.  We've stopped at a Walmart light pole in every city we've visited.  We've been through mud, muck, nettles, summer storms, blizzards and bees nests.  We've discovered something about nature and our surroundings and ourselves.  We learned just how tough we and our kids really are.  We've shared the most wonderful memories with our family and with some great people who have become dear friends. 

I picked up a coat today and this fell out of a pocket.  As soon as I saw it I knew it would be my photo of the day. It's a signature coin.  A personalized wooden coin that geocachers leave in a cache to show they have been there.  This particular coin belongs to CatsInCradle and has their logo on the front.  I think the back, however, pretty much sums up geocaching for us...........